Executive MBA Degree Plan

For information on master's degree plans for FALL 2020, please consult the FALL 2020-SUMMER 2021 GRADUATE CATALOG.

Current degree information is shown below.

Required Core Curriculum 32 Credit Hours

EMBA 6201 Financial Accounting

EMBA 6202 Organizational Dynamics and Leading Creative Change

EMBA 6203 Data Analysis for Decision Making

EMBA 6204 Executive Communication

EMBA 6205 Accounting Information and Control Systems

EMBA 6206 Advanced Negotiation

EMBA 6207 Managerial Finance

EMBA 6208 Global Leadership International Trip

EMBA 6209 Economics for Business Executives

EMBA 6210 Operations Management and Global Competition

EMBA 6211 Marketing Management

EMBA 6212 Organizational Leadership

EMBA 6213 Human Capital Management

EMBA 6214 Strategic Management

EMBA 6215 Innovation and Strategy

EMBA 6216 Executive Legal Issues

Total Credit Hours Required 32 Credit Hours

Note: Refer to course descriptions for course prerequisites.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.