Page 20 - Volume 6 - Issue 1 - DBU Journal for K-12 Educational Leadership

18 About the Author Dr. Karla Hagan currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Dorothy M. Bush College of Education at Dallas Baptist University. Beginning her fourth year on the faculty, she also leads the Educator Impact Program and teaches in the Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral programs. She holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education from Baylor University, Master of Education from the University of North Texas, and a Doctor of Education from Dallas Baptist University. She is available via email by Stonehouse, C. (1998). Joining children on the spiritual journey. Baker Books. Tozer, A. W. (1961). The knowledge of the holy: The attributes of God: Their meaning in the Christian life. HarperCollins. Tozer, A. W. (1997). The pursuit of God (Lar. Print ed.). Christian Publications. Vygotsky, L. (1926). Psychology and the teacher. https://www. educational-psychology/ch19.htm Willard, D. (1998). The divine conspiracy. Harper Collins. Witte, J. (2015). The nature of family, the family of nature: the surprising liberal defense of the traditional family in the enlightenment. Emory Law Journal, 64(3), 591–676. =a9h&AN=101549116&site=ehost-live Wolfe, P. (2001). Brain matters: Translating research into classroom practice. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.