Page 16 - Volume 6 - Issue 1 - DBU Journal for K-12 Educational Leadership

14 Cards indicate effectiveness. Table 2 summarizes the six approaches to teaching and learning with recommended additions in research in bold. The education experts also held consensus that the God Cards curriculum did align with the six constructivist approaches to teaching and learning. Comments from education experts illustrated the multi-sensory nature of the cards with the metaphors and creative drawings; the life application element to the cards with the conversation amongst family members after the individual time to process; and finally, the experiential opportunity to continue the purposeful talk throughout the week. Participant Hyman finally noted a thorough representation of the six approaches when she said, The choice of how to express the child’s thoughts on each verse is a component of constructivism. The arts/ performances align tightly to the sensory and the emotional aspects of constructivism. Conversations support the idea of reflection. If children work together on the agenda--that is collaboration in action. If each family member shares a story of how they recognize the attributes of God in their own lives, you will make connections to their prior knowledge, critical thinking, and story-based thinking. The use of the metaphors deepens the critical thinking and helps develop a family spiritual culture. Conversation is the prize focus on the story and value of each person’s contribution. Support of the God Cards curriculum as a valid resource was unanimous from this group of education experts. Recommendations for modifications included a revision on the language of the audience, an emphasis on the varied presentation options, and the need to equip families to begin creating their own cards. Concerning the benefits of the God Cards as a spiritual formation curriculum, consensus was reached by both groups of experts, spiritual formation and education, related to the content and the delivery of the curriculum. While these two groups came from different perspectives Figure 1 Benefits of God Cards as a Spiritual Formation curriculum from Experts God Cards relational and conversational collaborative and simple accessible and relevant creative and concrete practical and relatable Karla Beth Hagan, EdD Figure 1 Benefits of Gods Cards as a Spiritual Formation Curriculum from Experts