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26 End of Class Procedures  After closing the course content remind students when and where the class will meet again. This may be important if some groups will move to remote status while others move to the classroom. You may also want to remind about the content focus for next class meeting.  You may also remind when and where students can schedule a remote or office visit with you.  Dismiss students by rows, enabling social distancing as they depart.  Dismiss on time or a few minutes early to allow safe entry and egress of students in classroom/halls.  Where applicable close the course recording to archive the course. Post Class Procedures  Respond to any issues or questions that came up in class discussion.  Reach out to students who experienced technical issues during class and provide resources for troubleshooting.  For flex classes, send a note to class rotations reminding groups where they will access the next class.  Communicate with college support on any technical or sanitation needs.