Retention and Graduation

Students must fulfill the following conditions to continue enrollment and graduate from an accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program:

  • Students must maintain and graduate with the undergraduate GPA as stated in the undergraduate catalog relative to their degree and major.
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA must be maintained to continue in the program, and a minimum 3.0 GPA is required to graduate with a master’s degree.
  • Students must be advised by both their undergraduate advisor and their graduate program director/advisor prior to enrollment each semester.
  • Transfer students must meet the undergraduate residency requirement of a minimum of 30 hours at DBU. Shared courses at the graduate level are considered to be part of the undergraduate residency requirement. They also apply toward the undergraduate requirements of 42 upper-level credit hours and 30 of the last 36 credit hours in residence at Dallas Baptist University.
  • Each degree at DBU must satisfy its own residency requirement. For Accelerated degrees, both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree residency requirements must be met.
  • Students pursuing an Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program are considered Graduate students upon the completion of 114 degree-applicable credit hours. Graduate students are ineligible for the Honors List, Dean’s List, or President’s List.
  • At the completion of 114 credit hours, the student is no longer eligible for undergraduate scholarships.
  • If the student decides not to complete the Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program, he/she must work with the undergraduate advisor in order to meet the degree requirements as outlined in their B.A., B.S., B.A.S., B.B.A., or B.B.S. degree in order to graduate. In addition, courses already taken at the graduate level may not be applied toward undergraduate level requirements.

Note: Please refer to each program for requirements specific to that program only.