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M.S. in Management Degree Plan*

The Master of Science in Management is a specialized degree program designed to maximize one’s potential in leading people and managing organizations. The curriculum and teaching methodologies will challenge leaders to develop forward-thinking solutions and enhance influential leadership styles. Graduates will have the tools to be strategic leaders, to possess big-picture perspectives, and to be skilled decision-makers.

Program Prerequisites

  • FINA 51.521
    Foundations of Finance [Corporate Financial Management]
  • MANA 6303
    Research and Statistics
  • BUAD 5301
    Orientation to American Business Techniques and Culture (International Students only)

Required M.S. in Management Core Curriculum 24 hours

  • FINA 6301
    Corporate Finance (Prerequisite needed: FINA 51.521)
  • MANA 6333
    Operations and Quality Management (Prerequisite: MANA 51.521)
  • MANA 6357
    Decision Making (Prerequisites: MANA 6303, 6372, 51.521)
  • MANA 6358
    Business Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • MANA 6370
    Innovative Leadership (Prerequisite: MANA 51.521)
  • MANA 6372
    Managing Organizations and Teams (S-L)
  • MANA 6373
    Business Strategy and Planning
  • MISM 6315
    Technology Fundamentals

Concentrations Options:

General Management Concentration 24 hours

  • MANA 6311
    Global Initiatives in Management
  • MANA 6323
    Human Resource Strategy (S-L)
  • MANA 6371
    Motivating and Vision Casting
  • PROJ 6301
    Project Overview, Strategic Process, and Process Initiative

Supply Chain Management Concentration 12 hours

  • SCM 6301
    Global Supply Chain Management (Prerequisite: MANA 51.521)
  • SCM 6320
    Logistics Management
  • SCM 6330
    Supply Chain Operations
  • SCM 6350
    Supply Chain Capstone
  • Total Credit Hours Required: 36

    *This Degree is accredited as specified at the College of Business Assessment Report.